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Custom Engraved Pet ID Tag

Custom Engraved Pet ID Tag


The most important feature of our product is that it is made of quality and durability, durable materials. All of our tags are made of Stainless Brass. It can be written bidirectionally.

Size: 28 mm in diameter. 

What can be written on the pet ID tag?

- Your Pet's Name

- Your telephone number

- Medical Needs. If applicable, adding "Medication Needed" can add a sense of urgency

- Microchip Information or Veterinary Phone Number

- A Personal Message. Something personal can be a nice touch: "Call my parents" or "Please call my mom" or "I'm lost if I'm alone".

-"A Reward", offering a reward may encourage someone to return your pet.


NOTE: Personalized  Returns of the product are not accepted.

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